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Duck in a lake
2 February 2018

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On the rail
27 June 2016

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Montparnasse tube
6 July 2015

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Holy barcelona II
21 June 2015

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Kiro´s silhouette
17 April 2014

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8 September 2011

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Danse la noir II
7 February 2011

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Paris, la nuit
21 January 2011

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12 July 2010

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Left in nowhere
11 May 2010

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Airport Traffic
8 April 2010

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Celda número 1
26 March 2010

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Have a rest
3 March 2010

Recent Comments

Susy on Jodhpur

Ana Lúcia on Duck in a lake

Darkelf Photography on Duck in a lake
Glorious composition and perfect minimalism.

omid on Duck in a lake
Lovely! Lovely!

Stu on Duck in a lake

franz on Duck in a lake
Beautifully tranquil and ephemeral! Excellent compo and very attractive 'metal' tonality!

Existence Artistique on Duck in a lake

Yves on Duck in a lake
Une atmosphère magnifique ! 5*****

Anna Cherer on Duck in a lake
Beautiful reflections and atmosphere !

Gérard on Duck in a lake
Sublime !

Michael Skorulski on Duck in a lake
A beautiful tranquil image, Vanesa.

Yves on Bled
Sublime reflet !

Ana Lúcia on Bled
Looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Ana Lúcia on Bohinj´s bench
This is a piece of Heaven.

Existence Artistique on Bled
oh magnifique

beach on Bled

omid on Bled
very nice shot! Amazing view & reflections!

Olivier P on Bled
Très belle prise ! Très joli jeu de reflet ! Bien joué !

Anna Cherer on Th suitcase
Excellent ! great idea, atmosphere and composition !

Anna Cherer on Bohinj´s bench
Wonderful composition, framing and winter atmosphere !

Anna Cherer on Bled
Beautiful place and mirror reflections !

Michael Skorulski on Bled
A beautiful image of this famous spot.

Mia on Bled
So nice and quiet!

Yves on Bohinj´s bench
D'une beauté mystique !

Yves on Waterfall
Jolie vue !

Darkelf Photography on Waterfall
Superb coastline.

Ana Lúcia on Waterfall

omid on Waterfall
very nice shot! Amazing view !!!!!!!!

Ram on Waterfall

Existence Artistique on Waterfall
bien cette cascade

Yves on Th suitcase
J'aime bien cette idée de voyage vers le néant !

ceteceva on Soul of bronce
Bel angle de vue !

ceteceva on Th suitcase
Départ, voyage, fuite, abandon... l'horizon est brumeux mais plein de promesses.

Existence Artistique on Th suitcase
oh génial

Ronnie 2¢ on Th suitcase
You could write a book starting from this . .

Anne on Th suitcase
Belles histoire.

Colin on Boat
Love it - great perspective

Colin on Danse la noir
This is superb. Great capture of the mood

L'Angevine on On the rail
bien là

Photonicstone on Nude II
These are both wonderful..I'm learning portraiture currently, nothing is easy, including you have/have ...

Anita B. on Readings
Qué imagen tan hermoso entorno!

Anita B. on Table deltebre
Un ambiente increíble y una gran luz !

Colin on Vela
Love it. Awesome framing and post work

Colin on Intimate
When a picuture says a thousand words. Well done

L'Angevine on Nude

Don Roy on The road under the moon
Very very nice!!!

clYk photo on Without you
Great composition, light and atmosphere!

clYk photo on Thelephone
Good vibes for this street photography!

clYk photo on Table deltebre
Simple and effective, nice shot! And congratulations!

Steyners on Table deltebre

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